Roll of Honour

NT&DL Roll of Honour 2011/2012


Competition                      Winners                                  Runners Up

Premier Division League   Nenagh AFC ‘A’                    Thurles Town

First Division League        Nenagh AFC ‘B’                     Borrisokane

Second Division League    Ardcroney                               Nenagh Celtic ‘B’
Third Division League       Ballymackey ‘B’                      Streamstown Celtic
Youths League                   Nenagh AFC   ‘A’                   Ballymackey

Premier Division Shield     Thurles Town                          Borroway Rovers

First Division Shield          Arra Rovers                            Nenagh AFC ‘B’

Second Division Shield      Holycross ‘A’                          Ardcroney
Third Division Shield          Holycross ‘B’                         Sallypark ‘B’

Tipperary Cup                    Sallypark ‘A’                           Clonmore
Ricky Fogarty Cup             Nenagh AFC ‘A’                    Nenagh Celtic ‘A’

Barry Cup                          Clodiagh Rangers                     Bridge United

Nora Kennedy Cup            Puckane                                  Ardcroney

Fast Food Cup                   Streamstown Celtic                 Noreside Celtic

Youths Cup                         Nenagh AFC                          Clonmore

Munster Junior Cup          Janesboro (LDMC)                 Nenagh AFC ‘A’ 

John Delaney Cup             St Michael’s (TSDL)               Nenagh AFC ‘A’
Joe Delaney Cup                Clonmel Town (TSDL)           Nenagh AFC Youths



NT&DL Roll of Honour 2010/2011


Competition                            Winners                      Runners Up

Premier Division League        Nenagh AFC 'A'          Nenagh Celtic ‘A’

First Division League             Sallypark ‘A’                Borroway Rovers

Second Division League          Blackcastle ‘B’             Bridge United
Third Division League            Nenagh Celtic ‘B’         Holycross ‘B’
Youths League Division 1       Nenagh AFC                Nenagh Celtic
Youths League Division 2       Clodiagh Rangers          Holycross


Premier Division Shield          Thurles Town               Clodiagh Rangers ‘A’

First Division Shield               Nenagh AFC ‘B’          Ballymackey ‘A’

Second Division Shield            Gurtagarry                    Blackcastle ‘B’
Third Division Shield              Ardcroney ‘B’              Holycross ‘B’
Youths Shield                           Nenagh Celtic               Nenagh AFC


Tipperary Cup                         Nenagh AFC 'A'          Nenagh Celtic 'A'

Ricky Fogarty Cup                  Nenagh AFC 'A'          Nenagh Celtic 'A'

Barry Cup                               Borrisokane                  Nenagh AFC ‘B’

Nora Kennedy Cup                 Templetuohy                 Holycross 'A'
Fast Food Cup                       Nenagh Celtic 'B'          Moneygall 'B'
Youths Cup                             Nenagh Celtic               Clodiagh Rangers
John Delaney Cup                   St Michael’s(TSDL)     Nenagh AFC
Joe Delaney Cup                     Cahir Park Youths        Nenagh AFC Youths




NT&DL Roll of Honour 2009/2010


Competition                            Winners                      Runners Up
Premier Division League       
Nenagh Celtic ‘A’        Nenagh AFC ‘A’
First Division League             Nenagh AFC ‘B’          Clodiagh Rangers ‘A’

Second Division League          Borroway Rovers         Thurles Celtic

Third Division League            Gurtagarry                    Suirside Wanderers
Youths League                         Ardcroney                    Nenagh Celtic

Premier Division Shield          Nenagh Celtic ’A’        Rearcross ‘A’

First Division Shield               Thurles Town               Ballymackey

Second Division Shield            Thurles Celtic               Nenagh Celtic ‘B’
Third Division Shield              Gurtagarry                    Nenagh AFC ‘C’
Youths Shield                           Nenagh Celtic               Ardcroney


Ricky Fogarty Cup                  Nenagh AFC ‘A’         Nenagh Celtic ‘A’

Barry Cup                               Clonmore                     Nenagh AFC ‘B’

Nora Kennedy Cup                 Ardcroney                    Thurles Celtic
Fast Food Cup                        Gurtagarry                    Shannon
Joe Delaney Cup                    
Michaels                  Clonmel Town

Tipperary Cup                         Blackcastle ‘A’            Nenagh Celtic ‘A’


NT&DL Roll of Honour 2008/2009
Premier Division League          Nenagh AFC 'A'                  Nenagh Celtic 'A'
First Division League              Borrisoleigh                        Sallypark 'A'
Second Division League          Cloughjordan 'B'                 Holycross
Youths Division One                Nenagh Celtic                     Nenagh AFC
Youths Division Two               Ardcroney                           Rearcross

Premier Division Shield           Nenagh AFC 'A'                  Cloughjordan 'A'
First Divsion Shield                 Ballingarry                         Borrisokane
Second Division Shield            Blackcastle 'B'                   Cloughjordan 'B'

Ricky Fogarty Cup                   Nenagh Celtic 'A'                Blackcastle 'A'
Barry Cup                                Nenagh AFC 'B'                  Borrisoleigh
Nora Kennedy Cup                   Borroway Rovers                 Cloughjordan 'B'
Joe Delaney Cup                      St Michaels (TSDL)            Nenagh Celtic

Tipperary Cup                         Nenagh Celtic 'A'                Nenagh AFC 'A'


NT&DL Roll of Honour 2007/2008
Competition                  Winners                    Runners Up
Premier Division League          Nenagh AFC 'A'                  Nenagh Celtic 'A'
First Division League              Thurles Town                      Birdhill
Second Division League          Ballymackey                        Borrisokane
Third Division League             Templetouhy 'B'                  Cloughjordan 'B'
Youths Division League           Nenagh Celtic 'A'                Nenagh AFC

Premier Division Shield           Toomevara                          Nenagh AFC 'A'
First Divsion Shield                 Birdhill                              Nenagh AFC 'B'
Second Division Shield            Rearcross 'B'                     Ballymackey
Third Division Shield               Cloughjordan 'B'                Thurles Celtic

Ricky Fogarty Cup                   Blackcastle 'A'                   Nenagh AFC 'A'
Barry Cup                               Borrisoleigh                        Templetouhy 'A'

Fast Food Cup                         Ballymackey                        Borroway Rovers
Nora Kennedy Cup                   Cloughjordan 'B'                 Thurles Celtic
Youths Cup                              Nenagh Celtic 'A'                Blackcastle

Tipperary Cup                         Nenagh AFC 'A'                   Thurles Town

NT&DL Roll of Honour 2006/2007
Competition                  Winners                    Runners Up
Premier Division League          Nenagh Celtic 'A'               Rearcross 'A'
First Division League              Toomevara                          Ballingarry
Second Division League          Birdhill                               Nenagh AFC 'B'
Third Division League             Blackcastle 'B'                   Sallypark 'B'
Youths Division League           Nenagh AFC                        Borrisoleigh

Premier Division Shield           Nenagh Celtic ‘A’                Borrisoleigh
First Divsion Shield                Templetuohy                       Toomevara
Second Division Shield            Birdhill                              Nenagh AFC ‘B’
Third Division Shield              Ardcroney                          Kilcommon ‘B’
Youths Division Shield             Rearcross                          Blackcastle

Ricky Fogarty Cup                   Blackcastle 'A'                   Nenagh Celtic 'A'
Barry Cup                               Templetouhy                       Rearcross 'B'
Fast Food Cup                        Clodiagh Rangers 'B'           Borroway Rovers
Nora Kennedy Cup                  Blackcastle 'B'                   Gurtagarry
Youths Cup                             Blackcastle                         Nenagh Celtic

Tipperary Cup                        Rearcross 'A'                      Blackcastle 'A'


NT&DL Roll of Honour 2005/2006

Competition                    Winners                              Runners Up

Premier Division League             Nenagh Celtic ‘A’         Clodiagh Rangers ‘A’

First Division League                 Borrisoleigh                 Moneygall

Second Division League               Boher ‘A’                     Rearcross ‘B’

Third Division League                Clodiagh Rangers ‘B’    Cormacstown ‘B’

Youths Division League                             Nenagh AFC                Clonmore


Premier Division Shield                Nenagh Celtic ‘A’         Newtown Celtic

First Division Shield                   Templetuohy               Thurles Town

Second Division Shield                  Boher ‘A’                                         Nenagh Celtic ‘B’

Third Division Shield                  Cormacstown ‘B’          Sallypark ‘B’

Youths Division Shield                                Nenagh AFC                                 Rearcross


Ricky Fogarty Cup                       Nenagh AFC                Arra Rovers
Barry Cup                                   Thurles Town              Sallypark ‘A’

Fast Food Cup                                                         Borroway Rovers          Rearcross ‘B’

Nora Kennedy Cup                      Clodiagh Rangers ‘B’     Gortagarry

Youths Cup                                                                  Nenagh AFC                 Borrisoleigh


Tipperary Cup                            Borrisoleigh                  Templetouhy 

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