NTDL Statement 1st March 2016

Issues Regarding NTDL Youths Fixtures and Pitches being deemed unplayable due to overuse in adverse weather conditions.

Regarding the issue of a blanket call off for NTDL fixtures and the instruction regarding no NTSFL games should be played on the associated playing pitches, this decision was made with reference to a long standing agreement between the NTDL and a previous NTSFL management committee, where it was agreed that if the NTDL called a blanket call off or individual postponement due to inclement weather/playing conditions, the NTSFL would also follow suit. At no point are, or have the NTDL attempted to enforce fixture related decisions on the NTSFL. This decision was made in good faith and with player safety foremost and to also ensure the best quality playing surfaces for associated members of BOTH leagues. This previous agreement will no longer be relied upon and clubs are asked to use a common sense approach when considering inclement weather conditions and deeming if playing surfaces are playable or not.

As per a recent NTDL committee meeting, Youths teams who are scheduled to play a fixture must fulfil that fixture, and in the event a team cannot do so, they will be deemed to have conceded a walkover. Postponements will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. No postponements will be granted in respect of fixtures for competitions for which the NTDL are not affiliated. The normal arrangements regarding game preference will remain for national and regional competitions, such as the FAI Junior Cup and Munster Junior Cup competitions, as the NTDL are correctly affiliated with those governing bodies.

This decision is not a reflection on any league to which the NTDL is not affiliated, but in recent seasons, the NTDL Youths fixture schedule has continually been thrown into disarray due to a number of clubs seeking postponements from the NTDL, to compete in the Midlands School Boys competitions for example. In addition, no communication exists between the NTDL and the Midlands School Boys League, so the issue of discipline and the subsequent enforcement of suspensions etc. cannot be enforced accordingly.

Finally, the NTDL will now seek clarification from the FAI as to whether the NTDL are obliged to enforce game preference in favour of Midlands School Boys League competitions, which are indeed Regional Competitions, however, the NTDL is not affiliated in any way with this league and will contend we are not obliged to do so.

NTDL League Committee